Montserrat Gomez

Montserrat is a highly  experienced Yoga Therapist qualified through the Yoga Biomedical Trust -now Yoga Campus– in London  and the first yoga therapist in the Netherlands recognised and certified by the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) in the U.S, and one of the first ones in Europe. She is also registered with the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CHNC).

With ten years of hands-on experience as a therapist in her practice based in Amsterdam, Montserrat has been teaching and helping hundreds of clients from all backgrounds and medical issues from around the world.

As a Yoga International teacher she has completed numerous professional courses in restorative yoga, yoga for muscular skeletal issues, yoga for depression and anxiety and Yoga Nidra. She has been practicing yoga from different disciplines for over 15 years. Her past sport experience includes swimming and playing water polo at competitive level for 5 years as well as personal training. 

“I start from the basic idea that everyone is already a perfect human being. Everything you need in life is already inside of you. Have you ever experienced the thought of  “But I already knew it!” when someone gave you a good advice? All you needed was a guide, a reminder, to remember who you are. The wisdom is there, and Yoga, practiced with respect, is a tool to help you unlock it”



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Emile Pochman

A shiatsu therapist with twenty years experience, Emile is registered at NVST (the Dutch Association of Shiatsu Therapists). He also holds a sport massage diploma, and is a qualified Hypnotherapist at Hypnos Academy in the Netherlands with experience in NLP.

Based in Amsterdam, he practices both shiatsu and hypnotherapy, as well as yoga. He is a qualified and experienced yoga teacher through Yoga International (YI).

Emile’s past sport background include football and badminton at a competitive level and he has been the football coach of a children’s team in a Dutch league for five years.

Tammy Sheldon

Our Website Producer Tammy Sheldon is responsible for all photography featured in this website. She helps with content editing, video production, styling and almost every other aspect of the site, including the less practical, non-stop laughing sessions, so good for the body and soul. Based in Amsterdam, Tammy has practiced yoga several times a week for seven years…and counting.

Lily Lin

Lily is a self taught cook who started her ‘culinary career’ packing her own peanut butter and bacon sandwiches for lunch when she was 10 years old. She’s been experimenting in the kitchen ever since…although with somewhat healthier ingredients now.
Originally from New York, Lily moved to Amsterdam from London eleven years ago and feels so at home here, she couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. In between cooking and practicing yoga, Lily spends her time raising her two daughters and chasing after their new puppy, Alice.

Special Thanks

ANTFARM Designers Francine Lamberton and Victoria Onken, who saved us from being lost in terms of design, and who managed to do all the creative stuff in between their busy schedules. Our hyper brainstorms with pots of ginger tea and dark chocolate are always fun.

Erik Nijsse from YOUCANFINDUSHERE, our Website Developer & Programmer, who has been endlessly patient with our lack of experience in the technological field. Solution-oriented and down to earth, he was our perfect, friendly guide to the world of website developing, so unfamiliar to us.

Esmee Lim of ESMEE LIM PRODUCTIONS, our Videographer, who, with a charming smile and a can-do attitude, manages to make filming and editing look so easy. She is an absolute pleasure to work with, and is always willing to go that extra step.

Nicolas Laget of SWEET SPOT STUDIO, our Music Composer, whose keen sense of intuition, finely developed ear and superb skills regarding all things musical meant that he was able to engineer exactly the audio mood we wanted, without our being able to fully articulate it ourselves. He was very flexible and accessible, which made this step in our process seamless.

Special thanks to Lena.

And a final thank you to all our clients, whose resilience and commitment we look up to. They have inspired us to continue in this journey throughout the years, even bringing their children, their parents and other members of their family. They make what we do exciting and rewarding, and their achievements never cease to amaze us.

Without the help of all these wonderful people, this website could not have been possible.