What we offer

We have made this website highly personal, to come as close as possible to the teacher-student interaction we experience in our studio. At My Life Moves, we always do our best to transmit our intention as teachers and therapists to be your companions as you work through your own challenges.

With this website, we intend to explore the subjects that, in our experience with hundreds of people, are essential for leading a fulfilling, energized and centered life.


At My Life Moves you will have access to:

  • Asanas & physical exercises: Moving keeps you healthy. Here are the best moves for your mornings, your evenings, when you ache, to boost your energy, or maintain your strength.
  • Breathing: We all do it—and we can all learn to do it better—with results that make our efforts worth it.
  • Yoga nidra & relaxation: Guided meditation, to bring you to a deep state of peace and calm.
  • Food wisdom: No-nonsense advice about nutrition backed by research and accompanied by delicious recipes we love.
  • Health news & articles: The most important news and developments you need to know about health today.
  • What we love: A blog about our passions—places, people, and stuff.
  • Your questions answered: You ask, we answer.