Breathing is one of the most essential and basic body activities. Breathing is simple, and yet it has become an issue for millions of people. Most of us assume that because breathing is usually automatic, it is beyond our active control. But what we may not realize is that many physical and psychological problems can be better handled when we breathe properly by changing the rate, depth and quality of …….

Cooling breath: Sitali Pranayam

5 - 2016

Sitali Pranayan is an ancient breathing practice that has a cooling effect on the body. Learn this practical technique to calm down heated emotions and periods of stress, or even after an intense workout.

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Bhramari breath (Bee’s breath)

4 - 2015

The continuous buzzing sound of Bhramari breath brings me into a state of peace, calm and lightness like no other form of breath does. I practice it with my students when they have sinuses issues -ideal for the allergy season-, depression and symptoms of stress, such as anxiety and insomnia.

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