Asanas & Physical Moves

Fall Set 1

In this set, I am going to take you through some simple movements that focus on stretching the main muscle groups. The pace is slightly slower than the summer set. Feel free to pause the video if you wish to stay longer in any one of the stretches.

Remember to match the movements with the breath, so you inhale and exhale as you move. Avoid holding your breath. Follow the breathing instructions in the video and take it easy, the feeling is a soft flow, letting go with every exhalation…

Take special care with one of the exercises in which the crown of your head will roll onto the floor. You don’t need to put the weight of your body on your head; in fact, the abdomen should be nicely contracted here, and your arms pulling back up, to avoid your head and neck getting hurt. If you have high blood pressure, cervical spine problems or glaucoma, please avoid this particular exercise completely and rest in baby/child pose instead.

You will need:

  • an exercise belt
  • a yoga cushion, or anything similar.


  • As mentioned before, anyone with high blood pressure, cervical spine issues or glaucoma should not do exercises where the head is upside-down on the floor.
  • Also not to be done by those with a spinal hernia (herniated disc).


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