Asanas & Physical Moves

If you are reading this, it is probably because you are already aware that you need a change. Intuitively, you might feel that moving would be good for you.

We live in a time in which whenever we want something, we’d like to get it, or achieve it, straight away. More than ever we live in the immediate moment, oblivious to the fact that the most fulfilling and life enhancing actions involve a process. “Quick results” is everyone’s favourite choice. Whether it involves losing weight, making money, learning a language or reaching enlightenment through yoga and meditation, we want the shortest, fastest, possible way.

The moment you start doing the exercises in our website, you will start feeling good.

There is a process involving intelligent choices and a thought out progression rather than a random selection of exercise videos. Our exercises are aimed at regaining, improving and maintaining good health for the long term.

Each month we will offer you:


  • Our monthly exercise video, with sequences learned and practiced by our clients –and ourselves!- throughout the years, involving movements from different traditions and disciplines, such as kinisielogy, active warm-ups, body weight exercises and of course, yoga in all of its forms.



  • The Yoga Therapy set. Every month we will deal with a particular health concern, paying specific attention to health imbalances such as lower back pain, anxiety, heart disease, digestive problems and many other issues.

To begin to experience the benefits of our exercise sequences, try these sample videos now. They will give you a sense of how we work. Please keep in mind our video library, available only to members, will include a range of pacing and skill levels.

The monthly video shown here is a fairly fast sequence, watch it through first to familiarise yourself with the movements, then practice twice a week for one month.

The Yoga Therapy set focuses on strengthening and stretching the lower back and increasing mobility in that area. Follow our tutorial to learn how to keep your lower back healthy.

Please remember to read our recommendations and contraindications, included with every video.

Begin your practice today, start feeling great!


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