Asanas & Physical Moves

Shoulder set I

Almost everyone in the developed world are computer, tablet and mobile phone users. This means that at some point in our lives we will all suffer from some form of shoulder troubles! 

It was Emile’s idea to show our clients  a few simple exercises that he practices to loosen up his shoulders before he starts his day’s work as a Shiatsu therapist, and also at the end of the day to relieve the tightness from having used his arms all day. Emile is also back to studying at the moment, preparing for the official examination of Pathology, Anatomy and Physiology. This means that he is using his computer almost every spare moment in his day, and of course his shoulders are feeling the burden.

The following exercises  should be done with as much full -range of movement of the shoulders as possible, so when you do the arm circles try to take them as wide as possible.

Repetitions should be minimum 6 in each direction, inhaling and exhaling fully as you move. You will feel the shoulders warming up and coming back to life!
























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