Asanas & Physical Moves

YT Joints

This set is based on the Pawanmuktasana series, or “joint freeing series, a slow but very effective combination of movements of the joints, from your ankles to your wrists. This is a set worth saving and learning by heart. I highly recommend it for times when you are feeling run down, sick, and at your lowest. It has such a calming effect and is so safe that I often use it–with the appropriate modifications–with clients undergoing chemotherapy.

Please remember that this video is a demonstration of the movements, so I recommend you pause the video after each exercise, taking your time to practice the recommended number of repetitions, before continuing with the next exercise. It is very important to practice these slowly, as the movements are most effective when you roll and turn at a very slow pace, breathing evenly and easily through them.

They are wonderful before bed-time too…


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