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YT Abdominal Strength

Abdominal strength without sit-ups!

In this video, I will take you through a few core exercises that do not compromise your back. In fact, if you suffer from lower back issues, these exercises will help strengthen the muscles responsible for supporting your back.

Please note that in some of the exercises we gently hold the lower abdominal muscles in, while staying in static positions, therefore the breath will not be in the belly, but rather higher, across the ribs and the chest. The feeling should be of pulling your navel inward, toward your lower back.

Keep in mind this is a series of demonstrations, you’ll need to follow the instructions in the video for the recommended number of repetitions for each exercise. Remember you can always pause the video as needed…until you become familiar enough with the exercises to fit them to your own pace.


This set should not be done if you are pregnant or suffering from a disc hernia.

The exercises that involve lying on your back are not suitable for people with a navel hernia or open linea alba; however, all the other abdominal exercises, that is, core exercises on your hands and knees and those working against gravity, are recommended for these last two conditions.


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