Breath of Fire (Bellow’s Breath) for 12 weeks


Emile and I learned this powerful form of breath twelve years ago from Ravi Singh and Ana Brett, as part of their teachings of Kundalini Yoga.  Since then, we practice it almost every day.

In Bellow’s Breath,  the air is pulled in and pumped out very rhythmically, just like pumping a bellows.  It is done without any tension being felt on the abdominal muscles, chest and rib cage muscles or shoulders.  They should remain relaxed throughout the practice.  It should almost seem as if  you can continue the rhythm indefinitely with little effort at all.

A yoga teacher recently described it as an “opening and closing of a drawer”, which symbolically works well. The sound of this breath has also been likened to a steam locomotive.

Watch Ana Brett’s video -below- and practice Breath of Fire every morning before breakfast for a few minutes, just before your daily yoga set. Take a rest afterwards,  drink some warm water with fresh lemon and you will be ready to start your day.

You will experience an amazing effect on your digestion and your energy levels, which will last the whole day. It will also improve your stamina as you practice throughout the 12 weeks. You will have the feeling of  cleansing and activating, which explains why this form of breath is called “agni breath”. According to Yoga, “agni” is the fire in the belly, responsible for digestion and is the centre of  energy for the entire body.

*Contraindications: pregnancy, menstruation, abdominal and thoracic surgery, and heart disease.



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