Heart-centred breathing exercises


Gently place your hands on your solar plexus at the bottom end of your sternum, where the front ribs join.

Start the inhalation slowly from here, expanding the breath across the ribs and the sides of your chest as you inhale, moving your hands away from your centre in a movement similar to opening or spreading wings.

When you end the inhalation and your arms are wide open, you start exhaling slowly, simultaneously closing your arms and bringing your hands lightly to the centre point where you started. Relax the ribs and the chest as you empty the air. Have a feeling of bringing everything back “home” to your heart centre.

Repeat the cycle 6 times.


Keep your eyes closed looking down towards your heart centre. If you want, you can keep them slightly opened, but still gently looking down.

Avoid lifting your head, keep it in a neutral position with the chin slightly pulled down and back.

Breathe in and out through your nose.

Do not force your breath. Make it easy, with a soft sound at the back of your throat, similar to Ujjayi breath but more gentle.

Practice in the 3 positions: standing (morning), sitting (afternoon) and lying on your back (evening).


Unmedicated high blood pressure.

If you feel dizzy or light headed, stop and rest. You have probably been breathing too hard. Start practicing again, breathing more softly in the lying down position.


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