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Our specifically designed Yoga and Corporate Health workshops and classes are a valuable support system for your company’s health.

At My Life Moves we have worked for many years in this field at individual level, bringing good health and energy to hundreds of executives, CEO’s, employers and employees alike, regardless of their area of work and lifestyle.

Many scientific studies around the world show us that the practice of Yoga and meditation can relief the symptoms of stress and long working hours. Symptoms such as back ache, shoulder pain, headaches, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, tiredness and lack of motivation are very common in the workplace, even though -according to recent Government studies in the Netherlands-  the employers are unaware of it. 





45% of workers do not show the signs of stress for fear of giving the impression that they cannot handle their work. Despite being very common, stress is still a taboo topic in the workplace. Employees fear they will loose their job if they tell the truth.


“Employees suffering from high levels of stress have lower engagement and are less productive than those who feel less stressed. Over half of those employees who confidentially claimed to be stressed, reported they were also disengaged”

Research by professional services Tower Watson



We simply have an initial assessment meeting in which you tell us what your company’s health needs are, and we design a specific Yoga and Health workshop, or a basic class, for your employees. If your employees like it and benefit from it, we make a long term plan with specific goals.  Or we can also do individual sessions when needed.

Our workshops and classes help build a feeling of team work and collective health, at a different level than competitive group sports. If everyone feels good and balanced, the whole group benefits from a healthy dynamic at the workplace.


Basic theory and practice of Yoga at work, dynamic movements, stretches, breathing and relaxation. How to feel energised and tips on posture, sitting and traveling. (90 mins)

Stress-bust workshop, specifically designed for high pressure times -such as the signing of a deal, re-organizations or intense traveling-. (60 mins)

Intense workshop on theory and practice of Yoga, stretches, movements, breathing, relaxation, plus meditation. Posture sitting and traveling. Information on nutrition and how to stay healthy and energised at work and at home. Our famous home-made snacks included. (180 mins and 20 mins break)


A physical Yoga class for groups no larger than 10, including basic stretches, breathing and relaxation. These classes are a great complement to the Workshops and ideal for starting or ending the day, once or twice per week. (60 mins)


Once the group’s needs are stablished, we can develop a simple plan for creating and maintaining a healthy environment at work.

An example of a plan would be one intense workshop every 6 months and 2 Yoga classes per week. Or one basic workshop per month. Whatever works best for your company.


In some cases there are employees that require personal attention. This program is recommended as a prevention of more complex issues such as burnout or as a complementary treatment -once burnout has been diagnosed by the company doctor – , to speed up the process of recovery and re-integration.

Happy people




300 euros (5-15 people)

more than 15 people 20 euros per extra person


300 euros (5-15 people)

more than 15 people 20 euros per extra person


800 euros (5-15 people)

more than 15 people 20 euros per extra person

Food and equipment included


150 euros (5- 10 people)


75 euros per session per person

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 19.10.30




We are very flexible. All you need is a clean space, where everyone fits. Sometimes it is ok to have desks, and we can adapt to your environment.

If another location is needed, we will organise it at an extra cost for renting the space, but this cost is normally not very high in the area of Amsterdam and its surroundings.

Individual sessions will take place at our private studio in the area of Amsterdam.


For the past 10 years our clients from Adidas, ING, EY Financial services, Heineken and many other international companies have trusted us with their health.

“Interaction with Montserrat  is a vibrant cocktail of the physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological. Her intuition senses which of these you need the most on a given day, and she immediately constructs and leads the session accordingly. I walk out the door feeling lighter, breathing better and prepared for what’s around the corner – aka, life.”
— Jim Latham – Senior Director Sports Marketing- Adidas Group

“Montserrat’s personal therapeutic approach is a beacon of rest, which helps me refuel my batteries both physically and mentally.”
— Jolmer Schukken, Founder at Triple Partners and co-author of “De Beleggingsillusie”

“The program that Montserrat at My Life Moves developed for me gave me the ability to visualize success and increase my confidence to be wildly successful in the corporate world again. These sessions pushed me to focus on my key accomplishments at work and how to unlock these attributes once again.

My Life Moves Business helps rebalance the mind and body. Balance is critical to build the confidence to be a leader again at work and in life. I am truly grateful to Montserrat and Emile for opening their lives and teachings to me to give me a new platform to live a more rewarding and balanced life.”
— David Holtzman Partner/Principal at EY New York, USA


To make an appointment please send us an email at


We will get back to you straight away





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