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Montserrat and Emile’s 12- Week Food Plan

There is nothing wrong with looking at the New Year as a starting point for changes, as long as you really want to make them happen.

Following a new plan/project/diet just because you’ve read about it somewhere or someone told you that you should, will not get you very far.

Life-changing processes should come from the inside, so you can give them your full commitment, stay motivated and get them to work for you.

If you are tired of being tired, irritable and over-weight, if you feel uncomfortable in your own body and are experiencing high levels of stress, this 12- week eating plan will help you to build a new base from which to work and hopefully will improve your life.



The plan is simple: follow the rules from the two lists “What not to put in your shopping basket” and “What not to eat”, along with some easy “rules” to help you stay on course over 12 weeks.

Most of the foods on these lists are foods that Emile and I will simply never eat, such as pre-packaged “ready made” meals or artificially cured meats. It’s not only because many of these foods contain ingredients that are actually not made for human consumption, but also because you cannot compare their taste with the “real thing”.

In the same way, you learned to swim or to ride a bike, you can learn how to eat and maintain optimal physical health. This plan is a way of living, which personally,  I have been doing since I turned 40, nearly 10 years ago. My family, friends and clients know that I always have an abundance of energy, enjoy my work, go out with friends, and sleep like a baby. I feel better about myself the older I get!

My partner Emile is the same. He is turning 50 next year and he enjoys a highly physical job as a shiatsu therapist, plays and coaches football at least three times a week, and he practices yoga. Our weekends are all about seeing our friends, outdoor activities and taking plenty of rest.



We both love eating, and there is always something cooking in our small, busy kitchen. Our way of eating is not about eating seeds and sprouts. It’s about sustaining ourselves with real, nourishing food that give us the energy we need to support our demanding lives.

All you have to do is follow our simple guidelines in “what not to eat”, beginning with your grocery shopping.  We also have some tips on which supplements to take during this period  and some straight forward rules for preparing food at home and eating out, which will help you achieve the ultimate goal of good health, naturally. We recommend that you print them out and stick them on your fridge so you can refer to them whenever you are going to prepare a meal.

Finally, please use our comments box below to keep us updated, we’d love to hear how about you’re doing!

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