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Amsterdam is an amazing city. When I moved here 15 years ago, there was nothing except pancakes and coffee shops.  Having lived in Madrid and London, and having worked for over a decade in Paris, Milan, Hong Kong and New York, I felt as if I had fallen into a deep dark hole from which I couldn’t get out. It took me a while to adapt but, against all odds, this city started to grow organically from the inside out and I reluctantly fell in love.

Every month I’d like to share with you the people, places and events that I like in Amsterdam. This is certainly not a city guide, just a simple source of inspiration that I hope sometimes you’ll find worth checking out, or at the very least, read about…

Lots of love from Amsterdam


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Small World Cafe & Catering

Binnen Oranjestraat 14, 1013 JA, Amsterdam

The main reason for the success of Sean Weiner’s Small World Cafe, is not only his charm and personal qualities -which are many-, but his incredible taste for good, delicious food. When you visit Small World you will need some help from above. Absolutely every dish, hot or cold, savoury or sweet, will leave you satisfied and wanting to come back for more the next day. Luckily for all of us, Sean has put many of his famous recipes in a book: “Love Your Lunch”, available at

No wonder he has been everyone’s favourite for 17 years. Small World is certainly at the top of my list.






Marqt’s frozen peas

As far as frozen peas go, these are really some of the best I’ve tried -apart from Tom Ensink’s at Cornelis Schuytstraat, which are just a bit pricey for the family’s weekly shopping-. Marqt’s own-brand peas are large, fatty, and they don’t go mushy, so they are the perfect addition to your Spring Salads!



Robin Bergamin Skin Specialist.

Robin has been doing my facials for the past 5 years and me and my friends just cannot live without her. She has the most amazing skin herself, which is always a good sign, and she takes real love and care in choosing the most pure and unpolluted products for her clients’ skin. She works from her own, simple and peaceful place away from all the over commercialised concepts of beauty salons, she is funny, lovely and most of all, I go back for the results.





Kennemerland walk

This is our favourite walk at the moment. We start at the Kennemerland National Park entrance and we walk all the way to the beach, which takes about 2 hours at a good pace, and 2 hours back. You will enjoy miles of total solitude through forest, dunes and open land. And if you are lucky -as we have been many times- you might bump into some impressive Bisons at De Kraansvlak area, part of the so called Europe’s Big 5 animals that populate this beautiful protected land.



Drinks at Lotti’s

At the end of a hard working week we love making our way to the sofas of Lotti’s bar at the Hoxton Hotel, and order a couple of our favourite drinks. As we wind down talking about the events of the week and making plans for the next,  we order some of the easy snacks and salads that are available, even into late hours of the evening -unusual in Amsterdam-. The actual restaurant  is not very good, but the bar area works incredibly well. Last weekend with our drinks we had an amazing avocado and beetroot composition with oven-warm bread on the side…mmm….worth working hard for this.



Thnxxx for the tips darling Monts

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