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Pawanmuktasana for Auto-immune

The following movements are part of an adapted version of Pawanmuktasana series, involving rotation of the joints in a gentle but effective way.

Auto-immune diseases tend to affect the joints and the muscles of the physical body, and can be very debilitating during “flair ups”. Even when you are in pain and you think that you cannot possibly move,  practice these movements. They have no side effects except  bringing  you back into a a better place.

It is very important that you inhale and exhale with each movement, taking it very slow. The slower, the better…



Stretch gently, inhale stretch and exhale relax the muscles of the body. Repeat 3 times…



Bend the knees and place the feet on the floor, pressing your lower back slightly on the ground.




Take an inhalation, then exhale and stretch your leg up, pushing the heel away from you. Try to keep the lower back on the ground. Inhale bring the leg down. Exhale stretch the other leg up. Alternate this way 6 to 10 times.




Exhale bring the knees gently to your chest.



Inhale take your knees forward, held by your hands. Allow the distance of your stretched arms, but not further. The legs should be totally relaxed, and the hands are guiding the movement.




Exhale bring the knees back to your chest, without compression. Repeat this Apanasana movement 6 to 8 times.




Inhale open your knees to the sides, as before, with the legs total relaxed. Exhale bring them back closed to the centre. Repeat 6  to 8 times.




Bring the hands to the shoulders, in a relaxed position.



Exhale, gently bring the legs bent to one side, head in the opposite direction. Inhale bring them up to a neutral portion, exhale take the legs to the other side. Repeat 6 to 8 times.



Come to a neutral position with your legs bent and your shoulders open…take an inhalation and…




Exhale lift your buttocks slightly. Don’t over do it. Then take an inhalation in this position. Exhale roll back down on to the floor…the movement up and down is done with each exhalation. Repeat 6 times.



Lie on your belly with your hands under your forehead. Take a few breaths here, feeling the ground underneath.



Inhale lift one leg up slightly, think of lengthening rather than lifting. Exhale bring the leg down and repeat with the other leg. If you feel too much pressure on the belly -if you suffer from inflammatory bowel disease- try to lift the leg on an exhalation instead. Repeat 3 times each leg.


IMG_4093 (1)

Hold on to one foot and gently breathe on to the pelvis. Feel the stretch on the front of the body. Avoid if you feel too much pressure on the belly. Otherwise hold for a few comfortable breaths and change leg.



Bring your hands to your shoulders and keep the lower back on the ground.




Inhale bring the elbows up and exhale bring them down to the sides, making circles with the elbows. Make 6 to 8 wide circles.




Keep the lower back on the ground. Place the thumbs inside the fists and make low circles with the wrists, as you breath in and out. Change direction after 6 rounds.




Inhale lift the right arm and take the hand all the way to the floor above you.




Try to touch the ground with your hand, orpiment the right side of your body and…




…exhale and bring the arm down slowly to the ground.




Touch the ground slightly with your hand and get ready to take the next inhalation, lifting the other arm. Alternate arms with these movements, inhaling up and exhaling down, for 10 to 12 times. Keep the lower back on the ground as much as you can .




Rest in Savasana, breathing in and out gently in the belly, for as long as you like….




That makes me so happy Cindy, sending you lots of love, Montserrat


Loved this Montserrat! I tried the series this morning and I was able to get up from the mat quite easily afterward. Thank you! :-) Cindy xx

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