Best Pre-ski exercises

Pre-ski 1

1.Feet apart and legs bent at 90 degrees. Press the lower back against the wall. 10 breaths, rest, 10 breaths again.


2.Feet together, knees together. Hands pressing on the knees, make small circles with the knees together, 10 to the right, 10 to the left.


3.Balancing standing pose, hold on to one foot and pull the leg back and slightly up. lengthen the other arm forward. 6 long breaths each leg.


4.Dynamic stretch, kick the leg up, and touch with the opposite hand, changing leg with every breath. at least 20 kicks.

Pre-ski 4

5.Jump! 10 times, rest and then another 10. Inhale up and exhale down if you can.


6.Plank on forearms. Squeeze buttocks and abdomen, do not drop your back downward. 10 breaths.


7.Core work: legs and arms straight, squeezing a cushion or ball between the knees. Abdomen pulled inward. 10 breaths.


8. Baby pose. Round the lower back and breathe deep in the belly. 10 breaths.


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