How can I prevent catching the flu?

I hope this answer doesn’t find you in bed.

Yes, it is flu season and to answer your question we would like to offer you some helpful tips on prevention, and how to recover quicker in case you are already down…





Take minimum 500 mg of vitamin C + 20 mg of Zinc per day (and don’t forget your vitamin D)
Keep your immune system strong:

1. Avoid or reduce alcohol/smoking

2. Avoid extreme exercise (gentle, regular exercise is best)

3. Go to bed early, 11 pm the latest.

– At home we use Bisoviral nose spray, it is an anti-viral spray that supposedly protects the main entrance for these viruses to enter the body (your nose)
– Some people swear that “oscillococcinum homeopathic tablets work. Who cares if it has a placebo effect as long as it offers results!
– After your hot shower in the morning, turn the water to a lower temperature and have a one-minute cold shower.
– Eat a balanced diet and avoid junk food, specially too much sugar. Viruses and bacteria love sugar.
If you are vegetarian, make sure to increase your iron supplements. Research shows that vegetarians have more chances of catching colds and the flu.

– Stay away from stress and emotional upsets. Your immune system becomes weak when stress levels go up.

Avoid traveling by plane/train/public transport
Avoid big crowds.
Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth, and wash your hands regularly.

Practice yoga and do your stretches, it really works!


Ginger tea



Take 1000 mg of vitamin C + 20 mg of Zinc every day + vitamin B12 + vitamin D
Drink freshly grated ginger tea with honey, 4 cups per day. The last cup before bed- time.
Total rest for the time that you are sick, and plenty of rest the week after, even if you feel better.

Drink plenty of fluids, water, herbal teas and soups with added salt, to avoid dehydration.

 The flu that is around at the moment in Northern Europe seems to have complications in the respiratory system, and has caused bronquitis and pneumonia. If you feel short of breath, feel pressure on the chest or have chest pain, contact your doctor immediately.

–  Don’t be afraid to use over-the counter medication – in moderation- to take your pains away. They will give your body a break and the chance to rest, so it will recover quicker. Consult your doctor if you are in doubt.

Don’t be a hero. If you have the symptoms, stay at home and don’t share with others!


Wishing you all a healthy season,




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