My Life Moves

..from 2015

Our clients and friends know that we like to test new things. Health is our specialty, but actually, we also love to know what’s going on in other areas of life, from inspirational reads to beautiful things to wear. Emile and I would like to share with you some of “our favourites”, including, what to do, eat, read, wear and smear on your body. Just a simple list with a few nice things we hope will inspire you, and give you the pleasure and meaning that they gave to us this past year.
With Love,

Montserrat and Emile


1. Matthieu Ricard’s the Art of Meditation. 

In our opinion this is the most simple and straight-forward guide on what meditation is, how it is done and what it can achieve. This small book contains simple meditations that you can practice straight away, sources of inspiration and a clarity of purpose that keeps meditation real and away from any unfounded mysticism.

Matthieu Ricard is a French doctor in molecular genetics who later became a buddhist monk, and is known worldwide as “the happiest man in the world” due to  the result of a striking piece of research published by neuroscientists in the 1990s which found that, while undergoing meditation, Ricard’s brain showed a degree of stimulation in areas associated with positive emotions and impulses that was previously unrecorded in scientific literature. For more information on Matthieu Ricard, his books, travels and photography, visit his website at

You can also listen to our adaptation of his compassion meditation at LINK


2. The Green Kitchen.

We have cooked many recipes from The Green Kitchen this past year, including our favourite winter-special, Beet Bourguignon ( ). The book and the website might seem a little too Scandinavian perfect, with beautiful David and Luise, and their daughter Ela, showing us no less than a happy, healthy and balanced life. It makes you wonder if you’ll ever be able to reach such levels! However, apart from that, since Emile turned vegetarian this year the Green Kitchen  has been a life-saving source for more creative vegetarian lunches and dinners, even for the kids. We also look forward to their new book “Green Kitchen Travels”, which is definitely in our Xmas list!



3. Intelligent Nutrients.

Their philosophy is simple: “Everything we put in and on our bodies must be nutritious and safe”.

There is so much to say about Intelligent Nutrients products that we would need to write a whole article about them. Not only do they have all the certifications that you’d want from your hair and skin products (USDA Organic, ethical and environmental certifications, non-toxic chemistry seals and Soil Association approval), but also, they also leave your hair and skin feeling, smelling and  looking amazing. Once you try them, you will not want to use anything else.  Check their full range and learn about Intelligent Nutrients at




4. Lulu Lemon.

Sometimes I joke with my friends that I practically spend my whole life wearing yoga clothes. I work seven days a week – although less so at the weekends-, and I find myself changing a couple of times a day into, you guessed it, more yoga clothes. When I go out to buy groceries, in between clients, you will find me pushing the supermarket trolley in my Lulu Lemon pants, which actually look great with a pair of biker boots. I was introduced to them by a Canadian client two years ago, and although I have tried other brands, Lulu Lemmon ticks all the boxes. I am a big fan of their pants, tops and sports bras, which look  simple and neat, plus they allow me to move in all poses with ease -very important in my job.  I also like their sustainability policy and the transparency of their manufacturing process.

You can shop online at

And the men’s collection is also great!



5. NDT

Now, these guys know how to move. Emile and I never miss a Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) performance.  Choreographed by Paul Lightfoot and Sol Leon, the dancers of NDT are different to any other performers you will ever encounter: 28 phenomenal dancers from all over the world, aged between 24 and 41 years, each one with astonishing skills and techniques they display as soloists or as part of the group.  The NDT’s dance troop are world leaders in innovative compositions, music and designs.  They performances are always beautiful, emotional and deeply human. If you get a chance, go see them perform in the coming year. They raise the art of movement and dance to a whole new level.

You can get your tickets at



6. Soup for Syria. 

This was perhaps our biggest inspiration this year. Barbara Abdeni Massaad, a food writer and cook, has put together a wonderful book with soup recipes from acclaimed chefs and cookbook authors around the world to help raise money for Syrian refugees.  Originally, £2 was going to this cause for each copy sold, but, as the issue grew, the publishers decided to give EVERY penny from the price of each copy to this life-saving project. Contributors include: Yotam Ottolenghi, Sami Tamimi, Anthony Bourdain, Mark Bittman, Alice Waters, Paula Wolfert, Claudia Roden, Sally Butcher, Ana Sortun, Greg Malouf, Aglaia Kremenzi, Joe Barza, Carolyn Kumpe, Wendy Rahamut, and many others. All the soups in the book include easy instructions and beautiful  illustrations that will warm your heart.

You can visit the website and order your copy (and more copies for your family and friends) at



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