The Three Magic Breathing Exercises.

Ok, so you didn’t breathe today. Or at least that is the feeling you have. You went through your day practically holding your breath and you have been catching yourself sighing or yawning all day – a sign that you have not been taking in enough oxygen.
You probably have been too busy to have time to breathe, so you end your day with the energy tank on the reserve line..feeling as if you’re ‘running on empty’. You might feel a slight shortness of breath, or your chest may seem tight and holding “up”, unable to release and relax…Not a good thing.

We know that poor breathing is really bad for your health, so we would like to help by giving you the ultimate gift this year: The Three Magic Breathing Exercises.
They only take a few minutes and if you practice them at the end of almost every day, preferably lying down, your breath will feel calm, open, and your stress-systems will start to shut down. Once you are done with the exercises, remain for a moment in silence or go to sleep.

I once practiced these exercises regularly with a young, very stressed executive who suffered from high blood pressure, and every time we checked afterwards, his blood pressure had gone down significantly. He is now in his late 50’s and he thanks me to this day for these three breathing techniques which he still practices every day. I also introduced him to the habit of a daily 20 minute-nap-break, but that’s another story…

Just practice the Three Magic Breaths from today and don’t forget to share them with your family and friends. It’s a nice gift to give.
With Love,
Montserrat and Emile



Lie down with your legs bent, feet on the ground. Inhale  deeply through the nose and exhale through the mouth open, making a high moaning sound, “aaaahhhh”…

It is important that the sound is in a high pitch, not low. Repeat this 5 times, every time with a sense of relief, as if you are finally getting rid of something heavy.



Lying down as before. Inhale deeply through the nose and slowly blow the air out through puckered lips, as if you were blowing the air out through a straw. If you have a straw in the house you can use it for this purpose, but it is not necessary. Blow the air gently out, with a feeling of slowly blowing away your troubles. Repeat 3 times.



Lying down as before. Inhale deeply through the nose and very slowly exhale through the teeth, gently pressed against each other, making a “hissing” sound, until all the air is out. Repeat 3 times with a feeling of  letting all the pressure out, or “decompressing”.


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