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What are the best Apres-ski exercises?


After a hot shower, before you go out for your Apres-ski obligatory drink, make sure you do your stretches…


1.Legs apart, forward bend with your abdomen slightly pulled in. Shoulders away from your ears…10 long breaths


2. Legs apart. Turn the left foot to the side and right foot slightly in. Use a prop such as a book or a chair to stretch to the side. 5 breaths each side.


3.Forward bend with feet and legs together. Abdomen slightly pulled in, direct your breath and your focus on stretching the lower back. 10 long breaths.


4.Cat &Cow. Inhale arch your back down and look forward, and…


…exhale and pull your belly in, rounding the back as much as you can, head down…. Repeat Cat&Cow 6 times


5.Baby pose. Round your lower back and focus your breath on stretching it, 6 long breaths.


7. Downward dog. Focus on stretching your back, abdomen slightly pulled in. 6 long breaths.


8. Classic twist. Make sure to keep your back straight and to breathe in the belly as you take the twist gently deeper. 5 breaths each side.


9. Position 1: hip and hamstring stretch.


9. Position 2: lengthen your body forward to the floor. Stay for 6 to 10 breaths each leg/side.


11. Legs up the wall. Keep the legs as straight as possible . Arms up on the floor. Breathing in the belly, letting the day wind down…Stay here for as long as you like!


12. Quadricep stretch. Essential after skiing. 6 slow breaths on each leg…



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